For years, there has been terrible injustice to people in various global communities.

In 2015, there are still questions being raised about whether racism exists.

It does.

In some scenarios it has manifested in to different forms, and in some situations it’s still very much the same.

This project was born out of the death of a father in ferry lane, Tottenham, London. His name was Mark Duggan. It was then ignited by a death in the USA that sent waves globally. A young man in Ferguson. His name was Mike Brown. It is continued function because of you, various communities, globally. The triumphs, history and heartache of these communities has a space to tell it’s personal narratives.

MTM started as a black History month project in 2014, as a way for the black community in the UK to get there voices out. It continues to be a platform that visually shows black people as part of a wider community. Whether integrated into a comedy sketch, a documentary on taboo topics, or piercing into our minds and souls with powerful spoken word pieces, More Than Melanin is the platform for the people.

We are More Than the Melanin they portray.