#MTM Mental Health: Depression – an insight into the minds in our community; film and Interview

For the end of BHM this year, we decided to look at a a topic that isn’t usually spoken of in the black community. Mental Health. In particular depression. 2 young people in completely different walks in life, Brenda and Sean give an insight on what it feels like to be in depression and be severely depressed, problems they face with others and how they feel are the best ways to tackle depression.

Then Sean (who also happens to be an actor) goes through possible triggers (found on the mind website and his own experiences) of what may cause a depressive episode and what may help improve your mental health In this short film

If you are depressed or feel suicidal, I would urge you to call the Good Samaritans helpline on: 0845 780 9090.

We used a minimum amount of scenes. Different scenarios effects people differently, and depression is triggered in all sorts of ways. What maybe ‘silly’ or ‘childish’ to you may not be for someone else. The facts are real. Depression is real. Lets acknowledge it, listen and help others through it.

As for us, we’ll regroup and comeback with more content for you 🙂

Hope you enjoyed your British Black History Month experience.





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