What’s next for more than melanin?


Good evening I hope you are all well. Just a quick update for you lovely people.

Tomorrow begins the start of education week, but not the end of the blog. If you have a video already done and you wish to showcase it here or wish to have one made for this blog, we are more than happy to add it to the tremendous people educating us, speaking about what’s on their minds and explaining their respected views to us.


Just head into the contact page and email or tweet me at @visionnaryTJ or drop a comment if you wish to add some content or there’s a particular subject that you feel we could and should explore.

As for me. In the meantime I’m creating a long documentary for you guys, called MTM. Some stuff you’ve seen, and some that didn’t make it to the final footage but is well worth hearing. If you wish for me to show it then have a QnA about the project at your school, college, university, ACS meeting etc. then again please get in contact, or comment below.

Let’s continue the learning and celebration of people who have made a massive contribution to society.

Retweet, ReBlog, comment and like and remember we are more than the melanin they portray.

Enjoy the rest of your evening 😊🙌


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