Why More than Melanin

I did a blog post as to why I’m doing this. But again for those who would rather listen than read, here’s a video.

I was on twitter today, and some posted “isn’t it black history month this month”? To me, this says I guess the system is working. If you teach the same old in history, and It’s always negative, people are going to switch off from it. People are actually going to believe there isn’t a need for it. People are loosing interest in history.

There is, your just teaching people the same old history, year after year because your teachers don’t know anything else about black history except what they’ve been told (so mostly slavery and American Movements against it). If your teachers can’t teach, and they can’t engage students with new things, fresh things positive things, why would students continue to be interested? I think there should be an interest to teach black History at home. I believe there should be an interest in actually doing some sort of research into black history, especially in your specialism – be it maths, music, sport – about the achievements or how they teach things differently. Or what comes out of the ground in Africa and how that benefits the rest of the world. Or how Egypt, which is now seen as a Land with most Arabs, was a land of mostly Black people. Or How black people have helped develop systems, and cared for patients and cured diseases.

Is this important. Yes it it. People, believe it or not still see black people as less than. A mysterious dot in history that just managed to appear in any given country, and just happen to be there for no apparent reason. Education is a massive help. If you don’t look at the mistakes you’ve made in the past, you’re doomed to repeat it. If people are educated on what others in there multicultural communities have achieved, they will have a different outlook on them. Not worthless or good for nothing or someone with the potential to bring positives changes like they have done in the past, to out communities.

As well as this, more importantly, that some of us can look to ourselves and say, you know what, I have achieved this in my past, my people of today are achieving this, the colour of my skin isn’t a curse, that isn’t beautiful or can’t amount to anything but it can. I am not inferior, but equal. I can do whatever race in the world can do, and a life of crime, or bleaching isn’t my only options.

Appreciate the skin your in. Appreciate the life your given. I be happy with your ethnicity. Your are not less than. Your homeland isn’t actually poor. You are not unworthy. You are definitely not subhuman.

You are more than the melanin they portray.

Enjoy the blog. Enjoy the month. Enjoy the year.


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